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II don't live in the Unitied States and I want to become a member?

1).  The Ika is not like any other Klan organization in the world.

2). The Ika started in 1996, recruiting members that are not all Christians but of many different faiths.

3). We also started  picking members up in United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and moved on to France, Germany, and many other countries.

4). We had a board meeting and we started the 6 era of the Klan, we are not like any other group we take skinheads, National Socialist, atheist, Christian identity, and Christians of all faith.

5). As long as you're pure white Aryan, Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Germanic, and etc., the Imperial Klans are open and welcoming you to become a member or a supporter.

What most of our people do not understand in America and around the world, is that Unity and working together the most important thing for our people and the future of our race.

What most people don't understand is that our people is less than 9% a world population and in about 20 years we're going to be down to about three to four percent with the race mixing, homosexuality, and abortion murdering our children. We are in deep Danger from our enemies from all sides and all corners of the Earth. People should look in the mirror and say to himself "what have I done for my people and my children?" They need to think about this and study the true history of the past present and think about the future.

For more information write us or contact us by our website I will be happy to answer any and all of your questions. The IKA is a group for all our people that are true honest Aryans, I want to see our children have a future in this world.

Yours for white Victory 

Ron Edwards IW IKA 33/6



The IKA DOESN'T  allow DUEL membership. If you are currently a member of another organization and you want to join the IKA please send in your resignation letter to your current organization and mail us a copy of it.