Things the liberal media told you that just aren't true.

  1. The Klan hates black people.This is a lie and the liberal media knows it. We believe everyone has a right to be proud of their race, which means White people have a right to be proud also. Therefore we believe that anti-White policies should be discarded and that people should be hired, promoted, and given scholarships according to their ability and not because we feel sorry for them or because they have the "politically correct" color of skin.
  2. The Klan is against Catholics.That is another liberal media lie. We believe that all Christians, regardless of their religious preference need to work in harmony for the future of our children and Western Christian Civilization.
  3. If you join the Klan you will have to break the law and commit crimes against black people.The liberal media says this even though it is not true because they want you to be afraid of joining the Klan and going to jail. They know that if White people ever join together we will be able to stop the destruction of our race and nation. This lie is told to keep the good, decent, and honorable Christian people from ever joining our movement. Klan members take a pledge not to commit crimes.

What the Klan really is.

  1. The Klan is a gathering of White Christian men and women who are joined together because of the common bond they share by blood and faith. Each person is an individual and we do not attempt to do your thinking for you.
  2. The Klan is the oldest, largest, and most professional Whites Rights group in the world. Our membership draws from all walks of life. We are committed to upholding and defending Western Christian civilization.

The Klan Political Agenda.

  1. America First!The very first responsibility of our government is to protect the welfare(jobs, health, future) of AMERICANS - not those in Mexico, Vietnam,Somalia, Haiti, or some other third world country. It is time to take America back.
  2. Drug testing for Welfare Recipients.Not everyone who is on welfare is taking drugs. We are aware of that,but there are many, especially in housing projects in large urban areas,who are taking drugs. If they have enough money for drugs, they don't need your money. If a welfare recipient is a drug user, their welfare check,food stamps, public housing, and etc. should be cut.
  3. Protect America's Birthright.If the Klan were in political power laws would be enacted that would prevent American industry and property from being sold to foreigners. Americas should be owned by Americans - not Japanese, Arabs or Jews.
  4. Do away with Affirmative Action Programs.People in America should be hired, promoted or given scholarships based on ability, not because they have the right color of skin or because we feel sorry for them or because we are trying to appease some kind of self-inflicted guilt.
  5. Protect American Jobs.Americans are loosing jobs to foreign nations because our industry is moving to Mexico to obtain cheap labor which is often only 60 or 70 cents an hour. American industry is also enticed to move to Mexico in order to save millions because of non-existing environmental laws. The criminals in Washington have passed NAFTA and are now selling us out with GATT.
  6. Close our Border.The flood of illegal aliens coming across our borders needs to be stopped.If we can put 43,000 soldiers in South Korea to protect their borders,500,000 soldiers in Saudi Arabia to protect their borders. Why can we not put troops on our borders to protect our country from the invasion of illegal aliens? We must protect the future of our children, not the future of the children of Mexico.
  7. Outlaw homo-sexuality and inter-racial marriages.Until 20 or so years ago, nearly all states had 'sodomy' and miscegenation laws and statutes that were strictly enforced. Since that time they have been repealed or are ignored, the results are obvious with the plague of AIDS now ravaging our land. Both of these abominations against God and nature must be stopped if America is ever to return to the great Christian nation it once was.