True White Nationalists

Pastor Richard Butler/AN

Pastor Richard Butler Aryan Nations

Pastor Butler speaking at Nordic Fest 2001. He was 83 years old and it was an honor to have him at the IKA compound during NF. He has now past away, but he will never be forgotten. 

Rev. Matt Hale W.C.O.TC.

Rev. Matt Hale World Church of the Creator

Matt Hale second speech at the IKA compound at Nordic Fest 2001. It was a honor to have him there. He was going to attend the the third NF, however was arrested over Patriot Act. We all know he was set up. Hail Brother Matt.

Ray Larsen I.W. KKK

Ray Larsen Imperial Wizard of National Knights of the KKK

I.W. Ray Larsen of the Church of the National Knights of the KKK, on the left in the purple robe next to Ron Edwards at the IKA compound after a Rally in the late 1990's. We honor him for all is hard work and commitment to for our Race.

Ron Edwards I.W. of the IKA

Ron Edwards Imperial Wizard of the Imperial Klans of America (IKA) KKK

I.W. Ron Edwards speaking at Rebel Brigade Rally in West Virginia in the late 1990's. Ron Edwards started and lead us into the sixth era by uniting many  types of White Nationalists with different beliefs into one group. How good is it to have unity between our people.   

Ted Dunn SS Action Group

Ted Dunn of SS Action Group, speaking at NF.

Ted Dunn of SS Action Group Giving a Speech at the IKA compound at Nordic Fest. He gave a wonderful speech about our people and the enemy. A great speech.

Imperial Klaliff Dave Groves IKA

Dave Groves IKA KKK unity between all White Groups

Imperial Klaliff Dave Groves speaking at Keystone Knights rally representing the IKA and unity between the IKA and the Keystone Knights. Dave has done a great job with unity between the IKA and many other White Nationalist Groups.