6/18/06 - Today we report on a few events that the IKA attended over the weekend.

Imperial Ron Edwards and several IKA Officers and members once again attended the Barbarians Annual Biker Reunion at the Mendon Race Track in Ohio. The Imperial Minister of Propaganda gave an excellent speech (click here to listen!) to those assembled in an effort to reach out to another facet of white culture. This proved to be an excellent event, and the IKA once again won the award for largest club in attendence. Thanks to the organizers of this event for good times and great brotherhood.

Members of the IKA including an Imperial Officer attended the June 16-17 Council of Conservative Citizens conference in Louisville, Kentucky. There were many exemplary speakers at this event (Don Black, Paul Fromm, Sam Dickson, Col. Robt. Slimp, Dr. Ed Fields, James Edwards, Dr. Brent Nelson, Kevin Lamb, and others) and there was music to enjoy as well. Don't let the word "Conservative" or the formal attire give you the wrong idea – these gentlemen aren't your typical conservative buffoons. The speeches given were absolutely revolutionary and quite informative. The IKA made many important contacts networking at the conference which will prove beneficial to future endeavors. The conference was a fine experience and we would like to extend our thanks to the organizers and attendees of this event for their warm welcoming and hospitality.


–Imperial Godi, Imperial Klans of America